About Legacy Charter

Legacy Charter School is a K-12 school that reflects both the West End renewal and the Sterling community tradition of pride and excellence. Our elementary, middle, and high schools feature a progressive curriculum based on "Common Core" standards, delivered via a nationally recognized system for teaching and learning. 

Legacy Charter Elementary

Legacy Charter Elementary has clearly defined learning objectives for our children, following the Common Core National Standards. While teaching this curriculum, we will strive to create a school atmosphere in which every student can learn the values of discipline, respect, and a love of learning. Our curriculum also stresses community and parental involvement for student success.

Legacy Charter Middle

Three years ago, Legacy Middle School occupied the site of the historic Parker High School. Today the mission of Legacy Middle School is to offer our students access to an exemplary education and the resources needed to go to college. To accomplish this mission, teachers will work collaboratively, focusing on individual learners within small classes. 

Early College High School

Welcome to the most challenging, customized and progressive small high school in South Carolina! Legacy Charter School believes that with a balance of challenge and support, all students will flourish. The Early College High School at Parker Campus allows qualified students to take college courses and receive both high school and college credit.


The mission of Legacy Charter School is to offer a quality, rigorous, and relevant educational program leading to college graduation and empowering underserved urban students to become productive, fit, principled citizens in a changing society.



To apply to Legacy Charter School, students must meet the eligibility requirements and complete the basic application process.

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At Legacy Charter School we strive for active lifestyles and continuing education. Whether it's music education, art, nutrition and physical activity, or field trips - we are always busy. To see what we've been up to, please view our recent photo gallery.